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Join the Gandhi Foundation

Why not join the Gandhi Foundation and help spread Gandhi’s message of nonviolence and peace throughout the world. Click on the ‘Subscribe‘ button on our website or download the form below, fill it in and return to us by email or post. Join the Gandhi Foundation Form We operate on a small budget funded by […]

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The Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture 2016: Rowan Williams

Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture 2016 Ethics, Empathy and Peacemaking:   Dr Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury)   2016 Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture. Dr Rowan Williams  will be delivering this year’s annual lecture on the topic of ‘Ethics, Empathy and Peacemaking; Reflections on Preserving our Humanity’ There will be a Gandhi Foundation sales stall and a retiring […]

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Learning Through Peace Conference for Primary Schools in UK

‘Learning Through Peace’ – a National Conference for Primary Schools in the UK This conference will focus on developing the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Curriculum and positive, living values, in the context of achieving academic excellence. Friday 24 June 2016 at the Friends House, opposite Euston station, London This conference is for school leaders […]

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Call Me Rohingya

This article by Mabrur Ahmed has recently been published on the ‘Restless Beings’ website, which can be reached from the link here Almost 200 million people tuned into the dystopian world of Eurovision last Saturday where they spurred on a Ukrainian song called 1944 about the persecution of the Tartar in Crimea under Stalin. To […]

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Book Review: Felix Padel reviews Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization: Vol I by Abdullah Öcalan

Felix Padel has written a review of Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization: Vol I. Civilization. The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings by Abdullah Öcalan, translated by Havin Guneser. The review can be read (as a PDF file) here

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Gandhi Foundation Summer Gathering 2016

For many years the Gandhi Foundation has run a Gathering/Summer School in the UK, usually during the last week of July. It is designed to be a week of exploring community and creativity through sharing. We aim to provide a lively environment and provide for all ages. The Gathering in 2016 will be held at […]

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Adivasi Education : Forced Assimilation – Article by Malvika Gupta and Felix Padel

Malvika Gupta is a Delhi-born research student in the Department of Education, Delhi University, who has specialised in the issue of tribal education. Felix Padel is a London-born anthropologist, author of several books and many articles on the tribal and environmental situation in India. Recently he has been Visiting Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in […]

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Book Review: Felix Padel reviews Woodsmoke and Leafcups by Madhu Ramnath

This review of Woodsmoke and Leafcups by Madhu Ramnath was recently published in ‘The Hindu‘ newspaper in India. Review Article Felix Padel Woodsmoke and Leafcups (PDF)  

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