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In order to assist educators, The Gandhi Foundation has produced a presentation ‘Gandhi – A Life in Pictures‘, designed to be used at secondary / high school level, and also suitable for adult audiences. It is free to download, but please support the development of resources such as these by making a secure donation via Paypal.

Gandhi: A Life In Pictures (Powerpoint 3.3MB)

Gandhi: A Life in Pictures (PDF 9.5MB)



GF leaflet

Please download and distribute our brochure. It should be printed double-sided.



Our newsletter, entitled The Gandhi Way, is published quarterly, and all Friends of The Gandhi Foundation receive a printed copy. If you would like to submit an article, review or letter of a specifically or broadly Gandhian nature, please send it to George Paxton:  (Maximum length 2000 words).


Archive copies of The Gandhi Way

GW 95 spring 2008
GW 96 summer 2008
GW 97 autumn 2008
GW 98 winter 2008
GW 99 spring 2009
GW 100 summer 2009
GW 101 autumn 2009
GW 102 winter 2009
GW 103 spring 2010
GW 104 summer 2010
GW 105 autumn 2010
GW 106 winter 2010
GW 107 spring 2011
GW 108 summer 2011
GW 109 autumn 2011
GW 110 winter 2011
GW 111 spring 2012
GW 112 summer 2012
GW 113 autumn 2012
GW 114 winter 2012
GW 115 spring 2013
GW 116 summer 2013
GW 117 autumn 2013
GW 118 winter 2013
GW 119 spring 2014
GW 120 summer 2014
GW 121 autumn 2014
GW 122 winter 2014
GW 123 spring 2015
GW 124 summer 2015
GW 125 autumn 2015
GW 126 winter 2015
GW 127 spring 2016
GW 128 summer 2016
GW 129 autumn 2016
GW 130 winter 2017

GW 131 spring 2017
GW 132 summer 2017
GW 133 autumn 2017
GW 134 winter 2018
GW 135 spring 2018
GW 136 summer 2018
GW137 autumn 2018
GW 138 winter 2018-19
GW 139 spring 2019
GW 140 summer 2019
GW 141 autumn 2019
GW 142 winter 2019-20
GW 143 spring 2020
GW 144 summer 2020
GW 145 autumn 2020


Gandhi Travelling Exhibition

The Gandhi Foundation has been appointed as UK touring partner by the British Library for its Gandhi Travelling Exhibition. The exhibition comprises six roll-up panels, printed with photographs depicting events in the life of Gandhi. Each panel is 220 cm high and 86 cm wide when erected. If your venue is interested in hosting the exhibition, please email with your requested dates. There is no charge for the exhibition itself, but venues are required to pay transportation costs and to provide insurance cover.

The panels can be viewed on our Flickr site



Wikimedia Commons have kindly made available an excellent selection of photographs of Gandhi.



Wikiquote provides an excellent selection of sourced and unsourced quotes by Gandhi.


Gandhi’s Collected Works

The GandhiServe Foundation has made the Collected Works of Gandhi available on-line. Please click here. The site also includes a search engine to enable you to reference your favourite Gandhi quotes.


Books by Gandhi

A number of books by Gandhi are freely available on Wikisource


Worksheets / Modules

A free educational resource pack on Gandhi, designed for school teachers (UK KS3&4), is available in the form of an Adobe PDF file by emailing and quoting ref. TT186.

Written by Susan Denton-Brown, previous Chair of The Gandhi Foundation executive committee, and previously Head of Religious Studies at Tanbridge House School in West Sussex, the resource pack includes six modules which focus on the following aspects of Gandhi’s life and work:

1. Identity
2. Non-violent protest
3. Conflict transformation and mediation
4. Equity in community
5. Environmental issues
6. Exploring spirituality

Each module suggests relevant clips from the movie Gandhi by Richard Attenborough, and then presents a series of exercises for groups and the whole class.


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