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The Gandhi Foundation relies on the generosity of friends. There are several ways that you can support the Foundation and the activities and projects that we support. To find out more about how you can become a part of the Gandhi Foundation use the button below.


Join the Gandhi Foundation. We operate on a small budget funded solely by your subscriptions and donations. If you are a UK taxpayer you can make your subscription go further by filling out and then emailing or posting us the gift aid form.


The Gandhi Foundation depends on your kind support. Please help us by making a donation. If you are a UK taxpayer you can make your donation go further by filling out and emailing or posting us the gift aid form that can be accessed from this link.

The Gandhi Way

The Gandhi Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Gandhi Way, containing essays, articles, reports, letters, book reviews, Friends news, etc. Many of the articles are now being made available via this website. Edited by George Paxton for over 20 years, The Gandhi Way celebrated its 100th issue in 2009. Appropriate articles are always welcome, so if you would like to submit something for publication in The Gandhi Way, contact us.


Pic showing the recipient of the 2019 Award

Gandhi International Peace Award

The Gandhi International Peace Award was inaugurated in 1998. Find out more about the award and past recipients.

Find out more about the Award

Annual Lecture

The Annual Lecture is usually held on or near Gandhi’s birthday, the 2nd October. Find out about lecturers and the lecture subjects by following the link.

Find out more about the Annual Lecture

Pic showing group photo taken at the Multi Faith Celebration event

Multi Faith Celebration

Every year, around the anniversary of his assassination (30th January 1948), there is a Multi Faith Celebration of Gandhi’s life. It is normally held in London, and brings together people of different faiths such as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh. Our aim is to remember Gandhi, and to share words, music and dance from our religious traditions.

Find out more about the Multi Faith Celebration

Pic taken at the Summer Gathering

Summer Gathering

Every year in July there is a Summer Gathering in the UK, where people of all ages live together for a week in the countryside, sharing the necessary tasks of cleaning, cooking, and washing-up, and attending daily workshops to explore different aspects of the chosen theme for the year. A variety of crafts are taught, and our usual lifestyles and attitudes are challenged.  Many find this an enlightening experience and return year after year.  Some of the participants come from India and other countries.

Find out more about the Summer Gathering

Pic showing some young visitors and their parent at an event

Annual Gathering and Workshop

The Annual Gathering is usually held in Spring, around late May, at Kingsley Hall.  Its purpose is (a) a gathering of GF Friends (although visitors are also welcome); (b) to present our Annual Report & Accounts; (c) to offer a workshop on Gandhian principles.

Find out more about the Annual Gathering and Workshop

The Gandhi International Peace Award was inaugurated in 1998.


Pic showing the exhibition stands

Patna Collective Grant – Bihar, India

The Gandhi Foundation had organised a 25th celebration of the film Gandhi at BAFTA. During that event, the Prem Rawat charity donated £7,500 towards an educational project that the Gandhi Foundation wanted to sponsor in Bihar, India.

Find out more about the Patna Collective Grant

Pic showing the exhibition stands

Smile Again Project – Sierra Leone

Sohair & Omar Hayat are Friends of the GF (Omar is a Trustee) and went to Sierra Leone in April 2022. Sohair is a dentist and a certified trainer and works for a practice in London, which started a small dental charity (Smile Again Dentistry) to provide dental procedures in Sierra Leone (SL).

Find out more about the Smile Again Dentistry project

Pic showing the exhibition stands

Education Project – National

In order to assist educators, The Gandhi Foundation has produced a presentation ‘Gandhi – A Life in Pictures’, designed to be used at secondary / high school level, and also suitable for adult audiences. It is free to download, but please support the development of resources such as these by making a secure donation via Paypal.

Find out more or to download the resources

Pic showing a Gandhi Foundation book stand

Education Project – East End of London

In memory of Surur Hoda, the Foundation is putting together a permanent photographic exhibition on Gandhi, based at Kingsley Hall. It is designed as a resource for local school children in the East End of London, and is being developed in partnership with GandhiServe Foundation, Berlin, which has the most extensive photo archive on Mahatma Gandhi and India’s independence movement. Children visiting Kingsley Hall will see view the exhibition and visit Gandhi’s cell upstairs. There will also be artifacts, such as portable spinning wheels for them to try.

To arrange a visit to Kingsley Hall

Pic showing some of the residents with the Jeevika project

The Jeevika Trust, India

The Gandhi Foundation trustees have donated to the Jeevika Trust whose 14 projects in India are mainly in Orissa

Find out more about this donation and the work of the Jeevika Trust

Pic of Sacred New Era school kids

Sacred New Era School, Ladakh

The Sacred New Era (SNE) School is an attempt to address the issue of living in the modern world without abandoning traditional culture. It uses a Montessori approach to encourage children from an early age to think for themselves and become aware. This school is different from general Ladakhi Schools and is growing because parents are realising its beneficial qualities. It offers a unique education and is an example of diverse communities within Ladakh working together.

Find out more about Sacred New Era School

Pic of Patna Collective school kids

Hakulala – Ghana Village Education Project

The Gandhi Foundation is pleased to support the Hakulala Project which was started and is being run by a Gandhi Foundation friend.

Find out more about Hakulala

Collage showing Surur Hoda Memorial and Gandhi quote

Surur Hoda Memorial Fund

In 2005 former Chairman of the Foundation, Cecil Evans, established a fund in memory of its founder, Surur Hoda. After discussions between Cecil, the Executive and Surur’s widow, Elisabeth, it was decided to spend the money raised from the memorial fund in distinct three ways. Follow the link below to find out how the fund was distributed.

Find out more about the Surur Hoda Memorial Fund

Please note: Some of the projects shown are historic and are displayed on the website to illustrate the kind of project and activity that the Gandhi Foundation supports. If you require any further information about those shown or about any ongoing activities, use the contact form on the website or email

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