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The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award 2013

The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award for 2013 was awarded to Jeremy Corbyn, MP Islington North on 26th November 2013 at Portcullis House. Thank you to all who attended You can read Jeremy Corbyn’s speech by clicking here You can also view photographs of the event by scrolling down the right hand column of our homepage to reach […]

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The Kettling – A Masque for Our Times – by John Rowley

Director: Sir Paul Stephenson Script: Sir Ian Blair Producers: The Metropolitan Police Troupe: “The Darth Vader Clones” Extras: Thousands of Unwitting Citizenry The Revolutionary Committee re-named 1st April this year as “Financial Fools Day”. By chance, your own newly-appointed Theatre Critic chose to review the Premiere of “The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse”, a play […]

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Peter Cadogan (1921-2007)

Peter Cadogan, who has died at 86, was once called ‘the most expelled socialist in England’. He campaigned effectively on many fronts for peace, justice and human rights in print, on the streets and through teams of like-minded thinkers. He moved from radical politics [Labour, Communist, Workers Revolutionary and Socialist Worker Parties] to radical spirituality […]

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