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Applications of Gandhi’s Thought to Religious Studies Today – by Alex Damm

In modern universities, the discipline of religious studies seeks to understand religion and religions in all of their richness. Much as geographers analyze elements of physical and cultural landscapes, or historians investigate the relationships among past events, students of religion analyze phenomena that we call “religious,” phenomena that Robert Bellah defines as “a set of […]

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Rokeya’s Dream

Explore the world of Rokeya, the unconventional Ladyland ruled by women, and its contemporary connection and influence. ‘The books and religions are nothing but codes of conduct and directives prescribed by men. The rulings given by male sages would have been reversed had they been given by a female sage.’ Rokeya (1880-1932) was a social […]

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Ancient Wisdom – by Negeen Zinovieff

The truth is as old as the hills, Gandhi points out. In discovering the educational theories of the great master of Chinese philosophy, Confucius (born 551BCE), we find they are often similar to that of Gandhi who insisted that teachers should be role models for their pupils. How far this idealism can be practised is […]

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