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What Would a Gandhian Business Model Look Like?

The Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills delivered the Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture in October 2013. The title of his lecture was What Would a Gandhian Business Model Look Like? You can read the full speech by clicking here. You can read a review by Robert Fisher and analysis by Antony Copley below. […]

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Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy

Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare…. How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests? http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?280234 ‘Arundhati Roy’s latest essay, entitled “Capitalism’s Ghosts” published in Outlook Magazine last week, is a magisterial analysis of India’s status in the world today. Her forensic detail and verifiable conclusions […]

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Nehru On Gandhi, Views On Political Culture – by Prem Misir

  In an effort to review India’s emergent move into global economic dominance I thought that it might be useful to look at a few of Gandhi’s ideas of something called ‘political culture’ through the eyes of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And indeed, Gandhi and Nehru did not have a monopoly over ideas to craft a […]

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