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Acclaimed Book by The Gandhi Foundation 2007 Peace Award Recipients Media Lens

Since 2001, Media Lens has encouraged thousands of readers to challenge the filtered and distorted version of the world provided by major newspapers and broadcasters. The media responses, collected in Newspeak, are an exposé of the arrogance and servility to power of our leading journalists and editors, starring Andrew Marr, Alan Rusbridger, Roger Alton, Jon […]

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A Publishing House for Adivasi Literature

Why don’t we have an Adivasi voice?”, “Why don’t we have a ‘for and by’ Adivasi publishing house?”, “Where is the authentic Adivasi narrative?” These questions had haunted Ruby Hembrom when she enrolled for a publishing course in Kolkata last year. “While going through a list of publishers and authors, I could not find any […]

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Publications available from The Gandhi Foundation

Books: ‘The Happiness Manual’ Gandhian Ways of Living by Prof. Narinder Kapur, £5 + £1 p+p click on the link for further information about this publication: https://gandhifoundation.org/2012/08/15/new-happiness-manual-by-professor-narinder-kapur/ Simply Gandhi by Mark Hoda, 17pp £1.50 Muriel Lester, Gandhi and Kingsley Hall by David Maxwell, 16pp £3.50 Frontier Gandhi: Abdul Ghaffar Khan by Shireen Shah, 28pp £3 […]

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