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Publications available from The Gandhi Foundation

Books: ‘The Happiness Manual’ Gandhian Ways of Living by Prof. Narinder Kapur, £5 + £1 p+p click on the link for further information about this publication: https://gandhifoundation.org/2012/08/15/new-happiness-manual-by-professor-narinder-kapur/ Simply Gandhi by Mark Hoda, 17pp £1.50 Muriel Lester, Gandhi and Kingsley Hall by David Maxwell, 16pp £3.50 Frontier Gandhi: Abdul Ghaffar Khan by Shireen Shah, 28pp £3 […]

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What Would a Gandhian Society Look Like? – by George Paxton

Much of Gandhi’s constructive programme was based on village India where the majority of Indians lived (and I believe still do). However, in the West, and increasingly throughout the world, most people live in urban centres. This, along with changes in society brought about by rapid technological developments perhaps require some adaptation of Gandhi’s ideas. […]

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Reflections on God – by Negeen Sai Zinovieff

People sometimes say in this secular society that Gandhi was old-fashioned because he was deeply religious and spiritual. Yet his teachings are, for the most part, avant-garde. He believed, as did the Masters of Humanity, that Truth and God were synonymous and stuck tenaciously till the end, emphasising that Truth was that “spiritual inner voice” […]

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Peace and Security and Economics – by Eirwen Harbottle

George Paxton has persuaded me to share some thoughts on developing our Gandhi Foundation Trustees’ discussion on monetary reform. I am clearly no academic; merely an ordinary member of the public who has become increasingly angry over the financial mess that is causing so much misery and the injustice of handing on such toxic chaos […]

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Thomas Merton’s Reflections on Mahatma Gandhi – by Rasoul Sorkhabi

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi 1948 (now sixty years ago) and Thomas Merton, a renowned Trappist monk and author, was killed in a tragic accident in 1968 (forty years ago). These anniversaries are valuable opportunities to reflect on the legacies, works and teachings of these two great men of peace. Gandhi has influenced […]

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