The Gandhi Foundation exists to spread knowledge and understanding of the life and work of  Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948). Our most important aim is to explain and demonstrate the continuing relevance of Gandhi’s insights and actions today.


Gandhi in 1948

Gandhi is one of the most significant figures of modern times. He began as an insignificant individual with no particular talents and gradually became a remarkable human being. He considered that everyone has the potential for ethical and spiritual growth, and that community is the most effective basis for our development. Gandhi’s ideas have a relevance beyond his own time. His approach was holistic and evolved through experience.

The Gandhi Foundation promotes:

  • Nonviolence to replace war and aggression
  • Egalitarian economics, emphasising self-reliance, cooperation, and trusteeship
  • Simple lifestyles that avoid an endless quest for more possessions and superficial experiences. This is essential to protect the planet’s resources and ecology
  • Grassroots democracy that is decentralised, human-scale, and involves the active participation of everyone
  • Tolerance and pluralism: Gandhi regarded different religions and philosophies as each possessing some but not the whole truth
  • Respect for animals and an end to their exploitation

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Does not this whole idea of nonviolence imply a change in human nature? And does history at any time record such a change? Emphatically it does. Many an individual has turned from the mean, personal, acquisitive point of view to one that sees society as a whole and works for its benefit. If there has been such a change in one person, there can be the same change in many. – M.K. Gandhi

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