Multifaith Celebration Through Music and Dance 2018

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the assassination of Gandhiji at 5.17 pm as he made his way to attend a multifaith prayer meeting. It was only fitting that this year’s commemoration organised by the Gandhi Foundation should take the form of a rich gathering of different faiths, each offering sacred songs and dance from their own religious heritage. The result: a vibrant and at times poignant tapestry which gave the audience a glimpse into cultures and beliefs from across the world, linked by the common thread of a commitment to peace and human values. The evening began with a short prayer and message sent by Reverend Nagase, the resident monk at the London Peace Pagoda, whose teacher had spent time with Gandhiji at his ashram, and whose own life has been strongly influenced by his ideals. There followed a succession of amazingly talented musicians and singers representing the world’s major faiths: Baha’i, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sufism as well as individual spiritual offerings.  What was most striking was the depth of their devotion and the surprising similarity of musical tone, stretching as it did from Western Europe through the Middle East, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Palestine and on to India, using traditional instruments not normally heard in the UK, such as the Qawaali and Eastern lute.  The event was hosted by the Bhavan, Indian Cultural Centre, in West London who offered a selection of their own talented dancers and musicians.  Huge thanks to all who took part, especially to Mark Hoda, Chair of the Gandhi Foundation, whose hard work made it possible.

Jane Sill

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