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New Book Review – Whose Country is it anyway? by Gladson Dungdung and reviewed by Felix Padel

Gladson Dungdung – Whose Country is it anyway? Review by Felix Padel This collection of activist essays is out just when it is needed most: a book touching on every aspect of the Adivasi situation by an Adivasi activist prepared to take on the big questions and the key perpetrators of violence, from the big companies […]

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Conflict Resolution: From Gandhi to Galtung By Anupma Kaushik

Peace can be defined as a two sided concept. On the one hand it implies absence of violence and on the other the presence of positive, harmonious, cooperative relationships. These two aspects are referred to as negative and positive peace. Johan Galtung clarifies that peace research is based on the assumption that peace is as consensual a value as […]

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NTV Interview on Women in India with Shaheen Westcombe

Recently on NTV’s Talking Point programme on SKY channel 852, one of our Executive members and Kingsley Hall Trustee, Shaheen Westcombe, gave an interview about women in India in light of the recent incident in Delhi. It can be viewed on demand at: Shaheen Westcombe is a member of the Gandhi Foundation Executive. Her heritage […]

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