The Gandhi Foundation Annual Report 2010 – 2011

Report from the Chair for 2011

Over the past year the Foundation has forged some very exciting new partnerships, leading to a series of new events and projects.

Following on from an fascinating presentation by photographer Robert Wallis and anthropologist and campaigner, Felix Padel, on the plight of tribal people in Orissa and Jharkhand at the hands of multinational mining companies, the Gandhi Foundation is supporting an exhibition at SOAS (if you haven’t already done so, please to try and find time to visit it before it closes on 25th June 2011).
Disappearing World Exhibition at SOAS

Gandhi in Noakhali

We can look forward to similarly exciting presentation following this year’s AGM at Kingsley Hall, led by local artist Saif Osmani, on Gandhi in Noakhali. It’s a particularly appropriate time to hold such an event given that this year marks the 40thanniversary of the foundation of Bangladesh.

We are also making good progress in finishing our photographic exhibition on Gandhi, which we will target at schools in Tower Hamlets. I hope to be able to include a lengthy report on how it has inspired numerous children in next year’s annual report.

The Foundation is also funding a mentoring project for Muslim girls at two schools in Tower Hamlets by Mosaic, a charity established by the Prince of Wales.

I hope that both the Noakhali presentation, Mosaic project and schools exhibition will enable The Gandhi Foundation to build stronger links with the local community around Kingsley Hall.

As well as funding Mosaic, the Foundation has funded a two very worthy local projects run by our friends and supporters that promote Gandhian values; a project in Brixton on permaculture, run by Rakesh Bhambri (who brought this fascinating concept to last year’s summer gathering), and a major contribution to the cost of a bus for the Sacred Era School in Ladakh, championed so passionately by our former Secretary, Denise Moll.

Looking ahead, our Summer Gathering theme will be ‘Faith and Sustainability’ and we will be re-visiting St Christopher School, Letchworth, where we had such a good gathering last year. The School’s ethos is very much in keeping with Gandhian values and it’s great to be able to continue our partnership.

Mark Hoda – Chair of The Gandhi Foundation and Jeevika Trust liaison

The Gandhi Foundation Annual Report 2010- 2011


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One Comment on “The Gandhi Foundation Annual Report 2010 – 2011”

  1. sansar
    July 29, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    My final lesson in Gandhian values came during a martial arts class. My Aikido (a Japanese combat art that emphasises the idea of strength in harmony) instructor told me after a particularly hard session, that “if you refuse to be the aggressor, and seek not to win over your enemies but instead to win them over, the energies of the universe will never let you lose… if you (or your causes) are right, you’ll find the might. Right, is might, and not the other way round.”


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