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The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award and Annual Lecture 2010

To be presented to the Parents Circle Families Forum Wednesday 3rd November 6 – 8pm (seated by 5.45pm) at The House of Lords Room 4A This year the Annual Lecture will take the form of a panel discussion with the following distinguished members: The Parents Circle Families Forum (2 representatives: 1 Israeli and 1 Palestinian) […]

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Mahatma Gandhi: A Father with No Nation – by Bhikhu Parekh

Mahatma Gandhi has most probably realised his ambition of attaining moksha [spiritual liberation] and is unlikely to return to earth. However, should he do so, he would be deeply disturbed by many aspects of contemporary India. He would be shocked at the corrosive corruption that has spread to all walks of life and eroded the […]

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Indian Secularism Revisited – by Antony Copley

A very distinctive Indian version of secularism has underpinned India since independence and is the critical guarantee in the continuing existence of its multi-cultural pluralist society. Were it to weaken then terrifying forces of communal violence are always at risk of breaking out. These thoughts are prompted by the Olympian lecture on this theme by […]

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Book Review – Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment

Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment: Analysing Gandhian Environmental Thought T N Khoshoo and John S Moolakkattu The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI Press) 2009 ISBN 978 81 7993 223 0, pp152 Few books on Gandhi and the environmental implications of his thought have so far appeared. It is only in recent decades that we have […]

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