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Searching for Justice and Peace in Eastern Central India – by Felix Padel

People outside India as well as inside it are becoming aware that there are thousands of local movements of people trying to save their land from being invaded and taken over by big corporations, and the contractors, subcontractors, NGOs, media firms, biofuel and seed companies, banks, hedge fund/private equity fund investors and others who serve […]

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Book Review – ‘Sketches from Memory’ by Margaret Chatterjee

Vol I A Journey to Gandhi Vol II Remembering Gandhi Margaret Chatterjee Promilla & Co 2009 pp194 +76 ISBN 978 81 85002 95 8 Rs. 300 Margaret Chatterjee is a philosopher and a Gandhi scholar, as well as a long-time Friend of the Gandhi Foundation. English by birth but now living, in her senior […]

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Book Review – Biography of Aldo Capitini

The Nonviolent Revolution: An Intellectual Biography of Aldo Capitini by Rocco Altieri trans. by Gerry Blaylock IGINP 2008, pp182 $10 Aldo Capitini (1895-1968) was probably the most important advocate of nonviolence in 20th century Italy. He was born in modest circumstances in Perugia and went to a technical school although his passion was literature. His […]

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