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Rokeya’s Dream

Explore the world of Rokeya, the unconventional Ladyland ruled by women, and its contemporary connection and influence. ‘The books and religions are nothing but codes of conduct and directives prescribed by men. The rulings given by male sages would have been reversed had they been given by a female sage.’ Rokeya (1880-1932) was a social […]

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US Congress Recognizes Gandhi

The US House of Representatives has passed an historic Resolution recognizing Mahatma Gandhi’s influence on Martin Luther King Jr. and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the American civil rights leader’s visit to India in 1959. Passed on Tuesday 10th February 2009 with a 406-0 vote (26 abstentions), the Resolution recalls how Dr. King’s study of […]

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Painting Gandhi – by Christos Papachristou

Gandhi Foundation: Why does Gandhi interest you in particular? Christos Papachristou: I believe that Gandhi is a unique figure of leader and “fighter”. the thing that makes him special is not only the philosophy and methodology of nonviolence that he represented — other figures have represented the same, like Martin Luther King, Tolstoy etc. — […]

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