Statement on Gaza

It is with dismay that we have observed the recent events in Gaza and join the international calls for the ending of violence and the sustaining of a ceasefire so that the resumption of dialogue is made possible. The UN should lead an independent enquiry into the human rights issues this conflict has raised and take responsibility for re-establishing and maintaining internationally agreed borders.

There is fear and suffering for both Arab and Jewish victims who each have an identity so deeply rooted in this war-torn area. Equally they must acknowledge the realities which have created this situation if dialogue is to successfully take place. A culture of mutual hatred between some elements cannot easily be overcome and requires brave political solutions to create an arena in which progress towards transformation can take place.

It is hoped that, through the maintenance of a continuing ceasefire, all parties to the conflict will grasp the opportunity to work towards non-violent ways forward. Gandhi’s example proved that such an approach was the only one through which any ultimately peaceful conclusion to a conflict could be achieved. He worked tirelessly and pro-actively, particularly in the aftermath of India’s independence, to end the communal riots and escalating violence which brought such suffering to all those involved. True to his teaching we firmly believe that those who wish to co-exist in peace, wherever they may be, should have the right and opportunity to do so.

Susan Denton-Brown
The Gandhi Foundation

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