Mahatma Gandhi: Images and Ideas for Nonviolence – by Vijay Rana

Mahatma Gandhi: Images and Ideas for Nonviolence
Vijay Rana
Publisher: NRIfm
ISBN: 978-0-9557026-0-0

This book is a well needed tonic for any one who believes in Gandhi’s message but suffers from intermittent bouts of despair and melancholy due to some of the absurd directions that the political world has adopted. Vijay Rana’s book should be on every ‘chai’ (tea) table as it is full of images which show how alive and vibrant Gandhi’s message actually is.

The book, which is a collection of images and quotes from Gandhi, thankfully, does not churn out the old iconic images but has fresh, contemporary, relevant images from around the world showing Gandhi as part and parcel of popular culture even if his message is still not part of governmental political culture. The book contains images from Uruguay to Ireland, from Spain to Australia. It contains images of statues of Gandhi to wall murals and even popular graffiti.

One of the most emotive pictures in the book is of a peaceful protester from the West Bank holding a placard showing the image of Gandhi and proclaiming ‘nonviolence ends occupation and restores peace’. There is also a picture of a poster at the site where the Twin Towers stood showing a peaceful and saintly image of Gandhi amidst the hustle and bustle of every day New York life – a wonderful picture capturing the cruelty of the attack and the human need for progress and peace.

There are also images of Gandhi quotes inscribed either professionally in stone or quotes scribbled on walls as part of popular culture. bFrom these images and poignant quotes we get a new insight into how Gandhi has been adopted by people from all walks of life and countries the world over. These seventy or so images are certainly images which most people would not have seen. They raise hope and give a feeling of global community despite the relentless images of violence around us.

The author Vijay Rana dedicated his time and his own money in publishing this book and throughout one can see the love and affection with which he pursued this cause.

Omar Hayat

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