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Schumacher and Trusteeship – by Godric Bader

Godric Bader is Patron of The Gandhi Foundation We need a nobler economics that is not afraid to discuss spirit and conscience, moral purpose and the meaning of life, an economics that aims to educate and elevate people. – E. F. Schumacher The words Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) which Fritz Schumacher chose to describe his commitment to […]

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Nicholas Gillett (1915-2008)

Nicholas Gillett who died on 23 June was a worthy recipient of the International Gandhi Peace Award in 1999. In his acceptance speech he spoke about caterpillars, horse flies and bees to illustrate the need for fresh approaches to peace building. Had he been less self-effacing he might have spoken of his own background and achievements. […]

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October 2008: Annual Lecture & Peace Award

The Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture and the International Peace Award 2008 Rev Harold Good OBE & Father Alex Reid CSSR will receive the Award for their work in Northern Ireland as independent witnesses to the disarmament conducted under General John de Chastelain Rev Harold Good will also deliver the Annual Lecture Thursday 30 October at […]

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Mahatma Gandhi: Images and Ideas for Nonviolence – by Vijay Rana

Mahatma Gandhi: Images and Ideas for Nonviolence Vijay Rana Publisher: NRIfm ISBN: 978-0-9557026-0-0 This book is a well needed tonic for any one who believes in Gandhi’s message but suffers from intermittent bouts of despair and melancholy due to some of the absurd directions that the political world has adopted. Vijay Rana’s book should be […]

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The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence and India’s Future – by Martha C. Nussbaum

The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence and India’s Future Martha C. Nussbaum Belknap Press of Harvard University Press pp403 29.95 euros Martha C. Nussbaum is Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago. She worked for eight years (1985-93) with the Research Project of the UN World Institute for Development in Helsinki, focusing […]

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Albert Schweitzer and Indian Thought – by Rasoul Sorkhabi

“He [Albert Schweitzer] is the only Westerner who has had a moral effect on this generation comparable to Gandhi’s. As in the case of Gandhi, the extent of this effect is overwhelmingly due to the example he gave by his own life’s work.” Albert Einstein Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), the renowned Christian theologian, philosopher, musician, physician, […]

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