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Martin Luther King Jnr: The Civil Rights Movement and Gandhian Philosophy – by Michael Lewin

Gandhi’s long-standing commitment to, and promotion of passive resistance eventually paved the way for full Indian independence in 1948. The long and arduous struggle that he had engaged with, for over fifty years, finally culminated in the end of British imperialistic rule that had gripped Indian life for centuries. At this historical point Gandhi’s political […]

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Fred Blum – The Second Fred Blum Memorial Lecture

The evening event was held round a log-fire in The Great Hall at The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, and was chaired by Barbara Vellacott, Chair of The Abbey governing body. BV: A very warm welcome to everyone here, familiar faces and new – it’s really good to see you all at this Fred Blum Memorial Lecture, […]

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