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Burma’s Freedom – Violence or Nonviolence?

A debate has arisen among members of the GF Committee over the justification of the use of military force in a good cause. Here are some of the email exchanges. The Editor would like to hear from readers also on this topic which is central to Gandhian thought. John Rowley: I take my view from […]

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The Search for a World Spirituality – by Diana Schumacher

We are living at a remarkable point in our global evolution. I believe that we are seeing a polarisation of opposites at a global level, and there is a growing need for spiritual world servers from every walk of life, to act together to counterbalance the widespread and reckless materialism which appears to be the […]

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Down on the 21st Century Pharm – by Bill Palethorpe

In India, millions go hungry yet 37 per cent of arable land is used to grow animal fodder for animals for export. Just imagine that you are one of a party of six people from various backgrounds and countries going out for the evening. You enter the restaurant complex and the Head Waiter noting the […]

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