Introduction to 2007 Annual Report – by Godric Bader

Godric Bader is Patron of The Gandhi Foundation

I respond with pleasure to a request for a few words to go in this report, for I do find the work – and indeed the very existence – of the Gandhi Foundation helps me mentally and spiritually in my whole basic working life to live out the conviction that Gandhi Truth is the way and has the power to change and evolve our world.

I get strength from the ability it provides to have direct access to Gandhi’s thinking and his words and to refresh, in particular, his propounding of the ethic of Trusteeship. It is such a basic concept that it is clearly the only way forward for the world’s civilisation. In order to be able to progress sustainably and successfully on our planet we need to thus maintain and develop the continuing future evolution of our species.

For – yes – we do have to “be the change” we want to see and live the changes we need to express our humanity. Right now we have an encouraging glimpse of its actual existence in the way the world has reacted to the horrific and appalling devastation in Burma and China. Gandhi, like the Baha’is, believed “the world is but one country and mankind its citizens”. This realisation was part of the motive that moved the industrial organisation I have spent my life with to be the change (1951) we need to make, to show there is life beyond predatory capitalism and that the way to transform is hold our corporation – especially internationally – as Industrial Democratic Trusteeship.

A glaring need is now, of course, oil – this should be held like all the world’s resources in trust for the peoples of the world and not as exploitable resources for profit-making, money-seeking corporations.

May the Gandhi Foundation long continue to be a vital motivator and a resource for a healthier and more viable world.


Categories: Gandhian Economics


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