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Schumacher on Gandhi – by Surur Hoda

This essay first appeared in ‘Gandhi and the Contemporary World’, edited by Antony Copley and George Paxton, and published by the Indo-British Historical Society in 1997. The author, Surur Hoda, was one of the founders of The Gandhi Foundation Gandhi’s visions of Gram Swaraj (i.e. self-sufficient but inter-linked village republics with decentralised small-scale economic structure […]

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Introduction to 2007 Annual Report – by Godric Bader

Godric Bader is Patron of The Gandhi Foundation I respond with pleasure to a request for a few words to go in this report, for I do find the work – and indeed the very existence – of the Gandhi Foundation helps me mentally and spiritually in my whole basic working life to live out […]

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Annual Gathering 2007 – by Denise Moll

29 people gathered in a circle on Saturday, 19th May at Kingsley Hall; 11 sent apologies. Welcomed were many of Surur Hoda’s family, including his widow Elisabeth, for lunch and to dedicate a stone bench in the garden and a photograph of him for the office, in his memory. There were some speeches, photographs, tears […]

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Inter-Religious Approach to Communal Harmony – by M.R. Rajagopalan

While there are many causes of violence, religious differences have been historically one of them, in spite of their teachings of love, compassion and service to humanity. As empires arose in different parts of the world, the kings claimed divinity and the priest class facilitated the process. Thus the link between religion and polities has […]

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People’s Power for Peace – by John Papworth

Gandhi’s life was essentially a quest for truth; it led him to enunciate two principles, both of which he believed to be essential to any improvement in the human condition. It is one of the great tragedies of the unfolding drama of modern history that whilst one of these principles has gained wide popular recognition, […]

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Ancient Wisdom – by Negeen Zinovieff

The truth is as old as the hills, Gandhi points out. In discovering the educational theories of the great master of Chinese philosophy, Confucius (born 551BCE), we find they are often similar to that of Gandhi who insisted that teachers should be role models for their pupils. How far this idealism can be practised is […]

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