Campaign to Stop the Escalating Violence in India

The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles – Mahatma Gandhi

While it is often under-reported in the western news media, there is an escalating internal conflict in India. This involves Maoist insurgents, large-scale displacements of tribal people due to companies expanding their mining operations, and government security forces. The Gandhi Foundation is sponsoring a letter-writing campaign asking all parties to cease the use of violence in pursuit of their aims.

The Gandhi Foundation asks you to write to the Indian Government for a detailed explanation of the situation.

The first campaign aims to address the violence associated with the coal mining expansion in Jharkhand State.

Photographic and Multimedia presentations by Robert Wallis:

Dark Side of the Boom

Jharkhand – A Disappearing World

Links giving more information:

Addressing the Present Conflict in India with Intellectual Satyagraha, by Dr. Felix Padel

The Satyagraha of the Mind – a non-violent approach to solving the conflicts of the 21st century, by Bulu Imam

Is There Anyone to Hear This Boy’s Cry? by Gladson Dungdung

Endless Cry in the Red Corridor, by Gladson Dungdung

Are These Anti-Naxal Operations Mr Chidambaram? by Gladson Dungdung

The Non-Nation – A Short Story of Racism by Javed Iqbal

Tribes and Tribulations by Graham Davey

Do We Also Have the Democratic Rights? By Gladson Dungdung

Police Brutality in Latehar by Gladson Dungdung

Campaign to Save the Karanpura Valley (Jharkhand, India)

Campaign to Save the Niyamgiri Hills (Orissa, India)

Adivasis need speedy and impartial justice

2 Responses

  1. I am very thankful to the Gandhi Foundation for taking up the issue of mining causing displacement of Adivasis in Jharkhand. The Foundation has a prestigious presence in the international consciousness and it may no doubt draw more attention to the plight of the Adivasis who have little voice to protest except getting locked up in jail or being tortured. The Gandhi Foundation can and will I believe bring a powerful voice and join the issues raised by the recent Greenpeace India report HOW COAL MINING IS TRASHING TIGERLAND. I am thankful to Robert Wallis, Panos, and my son Justin Imam for their contributions.

  2. Very valuanle achievements of GPF, please do resolve human rights violations and violance in Kashmir.

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