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Te Whiti o Rongomai: A Forerunner of Gandhi – by Helena Nielson

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi are all well known as advocates of peace, but not many people, even in New Zealand, have heard of Te Whiti, a Maori leader who practised nonviolent resistance against the British Empire two generations before Gandhi. It is unclear whether Gandhi was inspired by Te Whiti’s philosophy and […]

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Film Review – Jinnah

This film was released in 1998 but due to contractual and political difficulties, was only released on DVD in Britain in 2004. According to BBC reports, the Pakistan Government was to have funded the film, but withdrew when it learned that Christopher Lee was to take the lead role. Apparently his fame for portraying Dracula […]

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Gandhi and Secularism – by Matthew Bain

Secularism is a term which is easily misunderstood, and perhaps nowhere does this have worse consequences than in India. The comparison is often made between India, described as a secular state, and Pakistan, founded as a homeland for the subcontinent’s Muslims. India’s secularism is ascribed in part to Gandhi, and it is certainly true that […]

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Charles Freer Andrews:”Deenabandhu” – by Chris Clarke

I am certainly not the first to have uncovered the importance of Andrews work. The sixteen or so books written about him suggest that a great many people have fallen unsuspecting on his work and been amazed at what they have found. My discovery of him fits the normal pattern: one chances upon him through […]

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Living Economy, Living Democracy – by Vandana Shiva

This lecture was delivered in by Dr. Vandana Shiva in London in November 2007 under the auspices of Jeevika Trust, The Gandhi Foundation’s sister organisation. “The word jeevika is derived from the word “life” or “life source”. So much in the name of globalization is happening which is not just indifferent to those life processes, […]

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Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict: What we can learn from Gandhi – by Norman G. Finkelstein

The following article was delivered as the Tans Lecture, Maastricht University, Netherlands on 13th November 2008. The numbers in brackets mark footnotes. “This lecture will divide into three parts.  First, I will lay out the terms of the international consensus for resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Second, I will sketch Gandhi’s doctrine of nonviolent civil resistance.  […]

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